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Azambuja, portugal

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Property, with a 13.840 sqm total land area, located in Casais de Baixo, in the Azambuja´s municipality. The construction was started, so the structure is implemented. The project predicts a 149,50 sqm construction´s area on a single ground floor, porches with a 65,85 sqm covered area and a 119,75 sqm construction gross floor area for agricultural support. There is another built unit in front of the property with a 65 sqm area. There are two tanks to supply the watering and the access to the property is through an intern land track which is parallel to the adjacent road. The property comprehends some fruit trees, olive trees and its limit is on a small hill that comprises a small mixed forest with cork trees, pine trees and eucalyptus. The property presents a rectangular geometry, with an around 55 metres front and 370 metres depth. The surrounding urban level is low, allowing however a quick access to the centre of Azambuja, which is 3 km away.


334.25 m2




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  • Lot size : 13840.0m2

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