When renting a home via an owner directly, you are exposed to the risk of renting a home that is not suited to your needs or to enter into illicit lease terms and conditions.

If you try to rent a place using vendors’ agencies that provide you with a list of apartments for rent, you will have to pay in advance without the guarantee that you will be able to find a home that fits your needs.

At Agence Etoile, we offer accommodations that will be aligned to both your family needs and your budget. We provide you with all the legal and practical information related to your rental. Each prospective tenant is received individually and our rental specialist will accompany you to visit each property. Our fees are payable only when a rental contract is signed.

We always have property for rent of all types in the areas of our branches.

Properties list

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  • Max price

  • Min size

  • Max size

Apartment 1 room (s)

5 600 €/month

400 m2

Great visibility, close to highways, between Penne (...)

MARSEILLE 8E - Agence Pradimmo

Local commercial 117 m2

4 000 €/month

117 m2

Marseille 13008 - Commercial space at Pointe Rouge (...)

MARSEILLE 8E - Agence Pradimmo

450 m2

Commercial space for rent, with a surface area of (...)

MARSEILLE 8E - Agence Pradimmo

282.56 m2

METRO REFORMES / CANEBIERE Professional premi (...)

MARSEILLE 8E - Agence étoile Mermoz

Apartment 1 room (s)

2 800 €/month

200 m2

Great visibility, close to highways, between Penne (...)

MARSEILLE 8E - Agence Pradimmo


2 585 €/month

229.43 m2

Property type 7 on fenced garden with swimming poo (...)

MARSEILLE 8E - Agence Pradimmo

98 m2

Beautiful apartment, top floor, in a small luxury (...)

MARSEILLE 8E - Agence Pradimmo

114 m2

Professional room ideal for offices consisting of (...)

AIX-EN-PROVENCE - Agence Etoile Aix

125 m2

Coeur Carré d'Or 8th Ds beautiful old building, T (...)

MARSEILLE 8E - Agence Pradimmo

house / villa MIMET

1 652 €/month

115.46 m2

Villa facing south on 4600m2 flat, fenced and wood (...)

MARSEILLE 8E - Agence Pradimmo

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