Accounting and legal discipline

  • Our rigorous, up to date the knowledge of accounting guideline and our legal and technical expertise are the guarantee of the value of your property,
  • Our offices are maintained in accordance with the latest regulations. A modern and proficient computer system provides us efficiency and allows us to facilitate processing, particularly with regards to budget monitoring and debt recovery,
  • Testimonies from our existing patrons are available on our website in the Personal Area.


The vow of trust

Professional strata manager since 1953, our commitment is to provide our customers with a sustainable and harmonious relationship based on trust

  • Commitment to guarantee the quality of service,
  • AGENDA AG is a program that assists us in preparing and chairing strata meetings,
  • We control spending efficiently by using a powerful accounting software,
  • A welcome booklet makes every new owner aware of the rules that apply within the strata,
  • New laws and jurisprudence is being offered in the Letter to the President of the union council magazine,
  • Practical information is distributed complimentary to owners on a quarterly basis via the Real Estate News Heritage.



As professional members of the “FNAIM”, we adhere to the first union of Real Estate Agents in France.

Professional ethics and standards of quality are our key values.

Shareholder of the Guarantee Fund of Property FNAIM first mutual guarantee company in Europe, you are assured of total financial security in the management of your strata.

We offer guarantees and supplementary insurances that are exclusively for professional customers FNAIM.

We have access to continuous education on legal, technical and fiscal laws; our legal Services is also available in order to assist you in answering questions that may arise in your strata.

Our professional liability is insured under group agreements signed within the framework of the FNAIM. The details of our professional liability insurance are included in the trustee agreement.



Condominiums are each managed by a team of three professionals: an accountant, a manager, an assistant. Our staff can be contacted on their direct line telephone or email. Each team is responsible for its clients on its area near where a greater presence from your collective heritage.

Each of our teams manages up to 1,500 lots, and ensure an effective monitoring of your building by their availability and seamless communication.

Our managers are able to launch tenders, monitor work, and control the work of employees and contractors, ensuring regular visits.

For a legal perspective, we follow up litigation, in collaboration with the best lawyers on strata management in the area regarding all matters such as the recovery of costs or litigation between the union and a co-owner or a third party.


Quality of service

We are committed to :

  • La clarté et le respect du contrat de syndic ;
  • Clarity and compliance contract trustee,
  • Information for owners and individual response to their requests,
  • Hold annual general meeting within six months of the financial statements,
  • Develop the estimated budget; prepare the agenda of the general meeting in relation to the union council,
  • Consult the union council in an emergency following authorizations passed in general meeting,
  • Develop competitive supplier contracts,
  • Follow a rigorous procedure for the recovery of costs,
  • Follow a rigorous procedure for the management of insurance claims for damage to property,
  • Check the routine maintenance works, make comparative studies estimate,
  • Maintain the building maintenance log,
  • In case of a vote of work in excess of € 3,000, join the convening of the general meeting projected share of each owner,
  • In case of a vote of work in excess of € 30,000, offer financing loan with a financial institution,
  • Install and monitoring of applications for grants from government agencies.

Syndic de copropriété à Paris 

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Syndic de copropriété à Marseille

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Syndic de copropriété à Aix-en-Provence

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