Le secret d'une longévité

The secret to longevity

The secret to longevity : Leaderwin, the magazine for real estate leaders interviews André Perrissel on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Agence Etoile.

André Perrissel, with your son you manage the Agence Etoile-Pradimmo Group which is celebrating its 70th anniversary in October. What is the secret to such longevity?

The No. 1 secret is to be surrounded by a competent and motivated team. Over the years, we have been able to develop our most senior employees into management positions. They have always risen to the challenge and we are moving forward collectively.

The 2nd secret is to constantly adapt to changes in the market, customer relations, and technology.

In number 3, I would say the quality of service and customer relations. No quality without a competent team, and no team without satisfied customers.

You share your activity between Paris and Marseille, how do you manage to maintain your leadership in two different markets?

The two markets complement each other quite well. When the transaction is at its highest in Paris, the provincial market is generally less dynamic. At the end of 2023, the southern market is more dynamic than in Paris and this allows us a certain balance in terms of our transaction turnover.

We have also been able to develop in all our agencies the professions around the transaction with rental management and the co-ownership trustee.

Your son has taken the operational reins of the company, isn’t it difficult to step behind an omnipresent father?

You should ask him the question. I think so, it’s difficult to get past. He must take his place and he knows how to assert himself when necessary. In any case, I do my best to ensure that he participates in all of our decisions.

You have other international functions, why this broader vision of the profession?

As the Americans say, the real estate market is “global”. Capital is constantly moving around the world in search of the best opportunities. Also, with teleworking, many workers leave their country to settle abroad.

In France, 6% of transactions are carried out by non-residents. It is essential to know the habits of these foreigners or expatriates who invest with us in order to best welcome them and meet their demands in terms of real estate investment.

Finally, it is important for our clients for high-end properties to know that they entrust their marketing to an agency to distribute their offer abroad.

You have always been a visionary, how do you see the evolution of the real estate agent profession?

I don’t know if I’m a visionary, in any case I have always been able to adapt to market fluctuations and technological advances.

I see the evolution of the profession in the development of exclusivity and in more inter-firm collaboration. You then have to appropriate and master the tools. Most of these tools are already available to agents: CRM, multiple dissemination of offers, estimation software, common file, extranet, virtual tour, professional photographs, electronic signature, assistance in drafting legal documents.

Faced with digital mode, is there still a place for humans in the profession?

Real estate is about people above all. A virtual visit will never replace a physical visit. An online estimate will never replace an in situ estimate.

Receiving the customer, taking the time to discover their needs, putting together a marketing plan, studying a financing plan, advising them on investment opportunities, this is the human aspect that digital will not replace.

Let’s talk about the Agence Etoile-Pradimmo group, what sets you apart from the others?

We differentiate ourselves precisely by our experience, it inspires confidence.

Professional training is a 2nd area of differentiation, our employees are experienced professionals and each year we put in place a training plan adapted to needs.

Finally, we have always played the card of quality and differentiation of service. For our sellers, we have implemented the exclusive marketing plan. Our sellers and buyers benefit from the concierge service for the move.

For our clients in rental management, we have the guarantee of unpaid rent from the 1st day. As a co-ownership trustee, we play the quality card with the NF Habitat service certification program.

Your employees have been stable for decades, what is this due to?

We created a group spirit, with #leclanétoile. Etoile is engraved in the hearts of most of our employees. They know that we want to remain independent, they are keen to preserve our brand image.

“The stars also shine during the day.”

We also implemented teleworking very early on in the administrative teams, which allowed us to adapt to working from home during confinement from day one.

The management team listens to employees, we like to preserve the quality of life at work. This listening and attention is important for everyone. We organize events throughout the year to create links between people and between departments.

What definition of a good boss would you give today?

The good boss is a leader, he must know the job perfectly and what he is talking about. He must be a guide, have a vision for the future – as long as he wants to develop his business. Listening to his colleagues. I learned this from elders: you have to spend time talking to colleagues and listening to them. Even if it is sometimes necessary to refuse certain requests, always explain why. This is perhaps what we lack the most, time to devote to employees.

In summary, what is the Agence Etoile-Pradimmo group?

A start-up celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2023. A dynamic group, integrated into a national network – Imogroup – with an international showcase – the World Property Business Club; 11 agencies; 6 representative offices abroad; 4 professions, transaction, rental, rental management and co-ownership trustee; synergies between Paris and the south of France; a great team of 90 employees. And a motto “when passion becomes know-how”.

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