Acheter un bien immobilier en Floride

Buying  a property  in  Florida:   the best decision

Buying a property in Florida ? For 18 years, Odney Bredy has been a real estate agent in Florida. His company,  Odney Bredy Global, has several offices in Davenport, Orlando, Miami and Tampa. All  of them are located immediately from the strategic places of this state. The market, more dynamic than ever, represents for investors a providential windfall. Profits,  in the short  term,  are  very  important.

Meeting with Odney Bredy, partner of Agence Etoile, French and international network and member of the World Property Business Club.

How is real estate doing in Florida?

Very good ! I  specialize in residential real estate. I offer houses,  and apartments all over Florida. And with  interest rates still low, the  real estate pressure is real. This is   why,  when  a  seller puts his property on  sale  in  Florida, it’s necessary to decide very  quickly. The  average price of an apartment  or house is about 500,000 euros.   When this sum is available or can easily be borrowed, the investment opportunities are numerous. Overall, there  are  between 15 and 20% of international buyers.  Currently, we have many Canadians who wish to buy  a houseor  apartment  in  Florida. The other  investors are mostly British and, for 7 to 8% of them, French.

How do you deal with foreign investors?

The health crisis has boosted  the use of the Internet  in real estate. We were already very much users of the Web before, but today this trend is growing. Thus, the entire transaction can be carried out virtually. For this, we schedule a  detailed appointment with the investor. Tors points (budget, type of bien,  location…) are  discussed. I then propose goods corresponding to his  request. I then make avirtual visit and can  conclude the distance sale  thanks to the electronic signature.  It takes about a  month to  buy a property  in Florida and complete the entire administrative procedure. But the deadlines can  also be shorter. For example, I recently sold  a house in Tampa  in  just two weeks. This is a sign that people who want to  invest  know that  there  is no time to  lose!   Good deals are currently running  the  rues. It’s  simply necessary to be  reactive.

What agreements have you concluded with the Agence Etoile network?

I met André Perrissel almost  three  years  ago   during  areal estatemeeting. Very quickly ,we  identified  the interest of offering our respective  clients  the  opportunity  to  invest abroad. Some  of  my American clients   are   in love with France and are looking for  investment opportunities in Paris  or in Provence. Conversely,  some  French investors do not hesitate  to cross  the Altantic  to  acquire   property  in  Florida. They can, at the  same time,  go  there  themselves  punctually,  or  bien  rent  their  house  or  apartment.

Platforms  like  Airbnb  work  perfectly  in  Florida. Whatever thereal estate  project,  investing in Florida is not a risk. It’s always a good decision. With two exceptions, in 2009 and 2013,  real estate  is  doing very well.   André  Perrissel and I are members of the World Property Business Club. We will  therefore exchange visibility  on  our respective websites.  We will  highlight  the  offers  likely tointerestinvestors, on both sides   of the Atlantic. In addition, with the  Internet, we will be able to process  property searches,  visits  and  all administrativeformalities remotely. This is to optimize the time of transactions of  our customers.

What advice would you give to French people wishing to invest in Floride?

I would tell them  not to pay too much because the bank interest rates are stillquite low. This is the time for those who want to invest, to do so. You should know that buying a property in the United States is an excellent way to generate a quick profit. For example, last year a friend of mine bought a house for $400,000. And now  she’s soldit for$460,000, after less than a year ! I can also  cite  the example of someone  who came to buy a small house here in Florida for $150,000. After keeping it for 2 or 3 years, she sold it for $209,000.

So I  really hope  that more  and  more  European and French people, guided  by  the  network of Agence Etoile,  will take the step to  benefit  from  these  excellent  opportunities !  


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