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International real estate and profitability ? In partnership with Agence Etoile, Elite Properties International offers a new kind of investment solution with exceptional profitability. Frédéric Steve, creator of the structure, presents this innovative product accessible to as many people as possible.

What investment solution exactly does Elite Properties International offer ?

Some European countries enjoy exceptional economic and fiscal attractiveness. This is the case, for example, with Bulgaria. Sofia, the capital, welcomes many foreign companies because the Bulgarian tax system is very advantageous. Thus, many foreign employees settle there, without knowing anything about the city, the language, the schools for their children … It is to these expatriates that Elite Properties International is addressing.

Elite Properties International buys apartment stocks from Bulgarian developers and sells them to foreign investors. The latter benefit from the certainty that their accommodation will be rented to an expatriate. This type of tenant is 100% reliable because his income is generally comfortable, and he stays in the city for a long time. The investor who offers this solution to the expatriate are bound by contract. This is a way of reassuring the investor who seizes an exceptional opportunity.

Judge for yourself: for 75,000 euros, you have the opportunity to buy a very nice two-room apartment in Sofia. And for a net profitability of 6 to 7% per year. No banking product can assure you that today.

Does this investment make it possible in the long term to develop one’s assets, for a moderate first investment ?

Perfectly ! The investor acquires a two-room apartment from 75,000 euros. Each month, he receives rent of 430 euros. At the end of three years, he can resell it by realizing a capital gain of 20 %, without being taxed. Many of my clients therefore decide to buy a new apartment thanks to this added value. In this way, their heritage increases. They buy a building, and this process is part of a virtuous circle.

This opportunity is therefore accessible to households with modest incomes ?

Absoutely. You don’t even have to own your primary residence. Sometimes it is easier to borrow 75,000 euros than a larger budget for housing yourself. And then you can follow the strategy outlined to grow your real estate wealth. Of course, I have banking partners who find solutions for each particular request to help all candidate investors.

You have entered into a partnership agreement with Agence Etoile. What is the nature of the bond that unites you?

I got to know André Perrissel on one of my trips. We were introduced by Elea Melchior from the Etoile agency network, who saw the complementarity of our offers. So today, throughout France, I only work with Agence Etoile. I have many investors, especially Russian-speaking ones, who wish to invest in Paris Rive Gauche, in the PACA region and on the Cote d´Azur.

Before meeting André Perrissel, no one in my network knew this region. With Agence Etoile, I am sure to advise my clients well. I send them to specialists in each attractive city in Provence or Occitania, such as Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Castres, Nîmes, Salon-de-Provence, Simiane-Collongue …

Besides Bulgaria, are other destinations very popular with investors ?

Yes, there is for example Dubai or Montenegro. For the same reasons as Bulgaria. Many companies are setting up there and it is necessary to accommodate the foreign collaborators who follow their company. Today the demand for expatriate housing is such that within 24 hours all the apartments I buy are already sold. It must be said that great investment opportunities are not so easy to find. When the experts identify them, they go straight for it!

Do investors necessarily have to travel to choose their apartment, furnish it, possibly meet their tenant…?

Not at all ! In fact, I encounter both cases. I recently sold an apartment to a client in Dubaï. She was received by my supplier like a VIP. She chose everything, right down to the materials used in the kitchen or bathroom.

From the complete furnishing of an apartment, to the choice of cutlery and linens, Timber Tailor is a privileged partner. We then come with an architect and work with full respect for the client’s choices, down to the smallest detail.

What advice would you give to readers of the Agence Etoile blog who are reluctant to take the plunge ?

Don’t stop living because of the health crisis. Of course, we know a situation that can slow down financial investments. But that’s a shame, because real investors see this as an opportunity to do good business. It’s always easier when the attention of the greatest number is fixed on something else! … COVID will pass, but so will the opportunities to enrich oneself … So do not lose an opportunity to build up your assets at a lower price. price. Let’s meet up !

Interview by Stéphanie Buitekant

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